What are my Podcast Predictions for 2019?

I’m gonna make 5 predictions for the new year

1 Podcast episodes will start getting shorter on average. As podcasting grows, we get more listeners, but we also get more shows. Those listeners only have so much time. Many listeners are already having to make choices about which shows they listen to and which ones they don’t. Just because they don’t have enough time to listen to everything they subscribe to. In 2019 it will be easier for a shorter podcast to compete because they are not asking for the same time commitment as long shows.

2 Smart Speakers will be huge for podcasters making the right kinds of content. Those smart speakers are everywhere. The sales numbers are crazy. And one the most useful things they do are those morning briefings. The content that will excel on these machines will be short form tightly focused time sensitive podcasts. So basically news but with podcasting we can niche down. That is where the real growth will be. Like a Seattle sports news program that only covers Seattle sports that is less than 5 minutes long.

3 More YouTubers will move to podcasting. It is hard to tell if YouTube is a dying platform. But, if you talk to YouTube channel creators they are super unhappy. YouTube’s big advantage for content creators is that it promises to monetized your content for you. In podcasting you gotta figure that out yourself. But as YouTube keeps demonetizing videos and channels, that advantage evaporates. We have already seem major content creators, like H3H3, shift their focus to podcasting. And in 2019 we will see much more of that. Many YouTube channels could easily re-purpose the content they are already making for podcasts.

4 The government is coming. A few years ago we saw bloggers attract the attention of the FTC over affiliate links and undisclosed endorsements. I think podcasting will see a similar thing this year. Lots of shows are taking money from guest and not disclosing that fact to their listeners. Other folks are getting mention products and not telling the listeners that they got paid to mention it.

5 The record companies are coming. There is a shocking amount of copyright infringement happening in podcasting. People are play music in there shows illegally all the time. And the record industry has noticed. Just look at the PokerNews. The record industry wants $150,000 for each infringement. That works out to be millions of dollars very quickly. And it is not going to stop with them. The record industry is going to come after anyone and everyone that can pay. So, if you have a show that is making any money at all, you need to drop the unlicensed music. Anybody remember Napster? Yeah, it’s gonna be déjà vu all over again.