Why are there so many entrepreneur podcasts?

Oh yeah. There are a ton of entrepreneur interview podcasts. It’s pretty crazy. I should admit that I did a show like this. I suppose I still do. It is just currently on hiatus. That is the nice way of saying podfaded. My show is or was Talking Cryptocurrency and on every episode I would talk to another CEO about their cryptocurrency or blockchain company. I did my show because I was really interested in decentralization. It definitely was a great way to meet lots people in the industry.

And that is one reason why we see so many entrepreneur interview podcasts. It is really a form of networking. Hosts make them so they can meet people in their industry. Guests go on them so say can say they where interviewed on a podcast. It is just a way to network and display status. It really has nothing to do with the listeners. As a matter of fact take a look at some of the social media accounts of these shows. Lots of fake followers. Really the whole thing is fake. I’ve ranted about this before. There are all these fake podcasts. And most are in this genre. But I’m being a bit harsh. Of course not all of them are fake but most are.

Another big reason there are so many of these shows, is money. Often these hosts are getting paid by their guests. Yeah, the guest is paying money to the host. This is surprisingly common. Especially, in cryptocurrency podcasts. These payments are almost never disclosed. It is one way of monetizing a podcast, I guess. But then aren’t you just making an infomercial for the guest. And aren’t you lying to your audience. Seems really slimy to me. I’ve never took money from my guests.

The entrepreneur podcast genre is actually pretty interesting. There are a bunch of really popular ones. Usually hosted by big names and they have tons of listeners. Meanwhile the vast majority of these shows are fake. Fake followers. Fake subscribers. And fake download numbers. They usually have a host that is lying about their level success and have guests that are paying money to be on the show. All while nobody listens. It is a very strange genre and they almost always have some course to sell you. Don’t buy those courses.