Is my niche too small?

It might be. Despite popular opinion it is totally possible to niche down too far. I mean finding a niche is really important and it is really the only way an ordinary person can compete. If the average person makes a podcast about the NFL, almost nobody will listen. There are just too many good NFL podcasts already. Maybe if the person was a former NFL quarterback, they might have a chance. But for the average person there is no chance of success. Now you totally may have fun doing it. But, if you want listeners, your not going to get them with a show this broad. Now if you do a show about your local team, your chances increase. But it is still going to be crowded and hard to grab attention. You could niche down further and cover an out of town team. For example maybe you are in Seattle and your podcast is about the New England Patriots. That is going to be a pretty tight niche and it looks good on paper. But how many people in Seattle are Patriots fans and why would they listen to you? How are you going to put a local spin on this? There might be a good amount of people in your niche’s demographics but will they actually listen to you?

You can totally find your micro niche. One that you totally own. You can be the biggest Patriots fan in Seattle but that does not mean anyone will listen to you. You need a niche that is compelling and attractive to listeners. But more importantly you need a plan for your content. Like I said, how are you adding Seattle flavor to news about the Patriots. That seems really hard. Sometimes, what happens in these micro niches is that is almost impossible to produce content. Sure you can power through and churn out generic content but then are you still in the micro niche? You can’t have your cake and eat it too here. If you are going to live in a micro niche and for it to work you need to stay there. You need to generate content designed for that micro niche.

So when you are choosing your micro niche you need to think about content. It might be really hard to make content and that is why nobody has claimed it.

I see this all the time. Folks that have this super micro niche and are unhappy. They are unhappy because quality content for this topic is hard to produce. And they are unhappy because they don’t have any listeners. They niched down too far. So yes, it is possible to niche down too small.