Do you know of any podcasts in Seattle?

Yes, I do. As a matter of fact, I actually maintain a complete list of podcasts produced in the Seattle area for the Seattle Podcasters Guild. You can find that list at At least it is an attempt at a complete list. I’m sure I’ve missed someone. But I’ve got over 200 Seattle area podcasts in there. We’ve got podcasts from local radio stations on there, podcasts covering local sport and ones that talk local politics. It is a really great resource. It has helped me connect with so many of my local Seattle podcasters. I highly suggest creating one for your local area. If you need help starting, just contact me and I’ll help.

This list is a great resource for podcast listeners. If your area is anything like mine, searching for local podcasts can be really disappointing. Here in Seattle when you google “seattle podcasts” all you get back really is garbage. Content farm top ten lists that all repeat the few same shows over and over again. And most of those shows are not even making episodes anymore. It is all out of date. Or you get those best podcast contest sites. Where the top listing are just the folks with preestablished audiences, like radio station shows.

My list is not yet ranking very well in google but give it some time. In the mean time it is a resource that is being share by podcast junkies. It gives it kind of an underground feel. A cool secret resource only know to the truly dedicated podcast junkies. So, if you are listening and are in the Seattle area or even just in Cascadia, take a look at the list. You probably will find a bunch of new shows, that you will love.

If you start a local podcast list for your city, send me a link and I’ll share it on the show and on my twitter. Who knows maybe we could get enough people making lists of local shows, that I can make a list of local podcast lists. That would really be something.